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Tidemark Status Update

System Performance Status: NORMAL

Last Updated: 8/19/19 - 12:30PM

Tidemark will be updated with Soft Close data

Tidemark will be updated with actuals from Soft Close and Hard Close and Final Close based on the following schedule:

9/5 Soft Close:  Tidemark updated by noon on 9/6

9/11 Hard Close:  Tidemark updated by noon on 9/12

9/19 Final Close:  Tidemark updated by noon on 9/20


8/5: Data Issue with Mid-year salaries

We have identified a data issue with midyear salary increases in Tidemark that we need to make you aware of. On the "Set Salary by Position" panel, there is a column that shows the Midyear Month, and a column that shows the Midyear Increase Amount. Currently, the Midyear Increase Amount column is showing midyear increases for 2020 as well as Midyear increases from 2019. Unfortunately, we are not able to quickly remove the 2019 data, so we wanted to let you know how to identify it and plan around it.

Here's an example of what you will see in Tidemark:

Midyear Salary Image

You can tell that Ima Right really does have an FY20 midyear increase scheduled, because she has the month shown (February) and a dollar amount ($2,000).
I.R. Wrong does not have an FY 20 midyear increase scheduled, because although he as a dollar amount ($1,500), he does not have a Midyear Month. The $1,500 was actually his midyear increase from FY 19.

If you use the seeding action:  "Seed Position with Proposed Salary + Midyear Increase" the system will correctly seed your budget, using only the midyear increases from 2020.



The Tidemark system's normal maintenance window is 10:30 pm - 6:45 am the next morning. This maintenance includes a daily “reboot” of all services and aims to improve system performance throughout the remainder of the day.

Additionally, manual processes are run in the system Monday evenings 7:30 - 10 pm, and all day Sunday. The system will still be up during these times, but you will experience additional slowness during these times, and may want to schedule accordingly.


Monthly Actuals, Pledge Data, Commitment Data
  • Reflects Jul YTD
PTA Feed
  • Typically updated nightly, but schedule may be impacted by patches.
Tidemark Authority
  • Changes made in Authority Manager before 5 pm are updated into Tidemark nightly.  If the update involves an authority role that is new for an org code, the changes are processed the following Monday night. Urgent updates can be done as needed; contact the UBO to request an off-cycle update.
  • Authority is current as of August 12, 2019.
Endowment Payout
  • Endowment Payout data for FY19 Year End Reforecast and FY20 Booked Budget has been updated from Hyperion Endowment app based on Feb 2019 YTD Actuals plus NEW GIFT projections entered by users during FY20 Budget Plan.  The data does not include any reinvestments or other adjustments entered manually by users during FY20 Budget Plan.  These will need to be entered by users into Tidemark for the FY20 Booked Budget.
  • The Tidemark Endowment application is now open, and has June actuals. Calculations are run overnight. Please email the UBO to let us know when to move the updated data into your YER and Booked Budget. Instructions are available here. 
  • Endowment Payout Calculations are scheduled to run automatically for all Orgs once per day as follows:
    • FY19-20 at 7:00am
    • FY21-22 at 7:40am
    • FY23-24 at 8:20am
    • FY25-26 at 9:00am
    • FY27-28 at 9:40am

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Maintenance Windows:

Every Day: 10:30 p.m. to 6:45 a.m. the following morning

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