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Tidemark Releases

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New Tidemark Release information can be found here.  These are changes made at the Tidemark level and those implemented by the UBO. Your user experience is very important to us, so please keep sending in your suggestions and concerns, so we can implement those that can help out the greater population of our Tidemark users.

Preserving Personalized Grid Selections


Tidemark has previously provided the enhancement to personalize grid settings, such as column resizing, customizing view options, and hidden rows and columns.  However, these settings would be lost when a panel was refreshed or closed…until now.    In this new enhancement, Tidemark is now providing the ability to preserve your personalized grid settings like:

  • Hide any column(s) in a grid panel by right-clicking on its header and selecting Hide.
Hide Column



  • Once hidden, it displays a bar to the left edge of the column.  You can right-click on that bar to "Unhide" the column.
Unhide Column



  • Once you have made your personalized settings, open the Settings Icon on the left gray toolbar.
    Settings Button



  • Tidemark will display the “Customize View Menu…
Customize View





  • Select “SAVE” to Preserve Grid Settings
  • Tidemark does not display the SAVE button if you have not made any changes.
  • If you have made changes and attempt to navigate off the page, Tidemark displays a confirmation message, asking if you are sure you want to navigate away without saving your settings.  If you choose to navigate off the page anyway, Tidemark does not save your changes.