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Tidemark Known Issues

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Global Calc Frequency & Refresh

Budget Plan Process - Mar - Apr
The frequency of the Global Calc for Budget Plan and YEP runs every 2 hours beginning at 8am through 10pm.

Booked Budget Process - May - Aug
The frequency of the Global Calc (which calculates fringe benefits, ISC, IDC, and sponsored revenue) is as follows:
Year End Reforecast Global Calc runs every 5 hours from 6:55am to 11pm
Booked Budget  Global Calc runs every 5 hours from 7am to 11pm.
Users can still manually run the calculations on-demand from several entry panels, as needed.  

RA/TA Fringe Rates & Action:

  • We now show the RA/TA fringe rate as two rates due to the recent decision to fully subsidize Cardinal Care health insurance for most graduate students. Additional steps have been appended onto the Global Calculations that run on demand or every two hours to account for these changes.
  • If running the Global Calc manually in the Booked Budget process, please note that you should refresh your entry panel only after the final (5 of 5) calculation has completed to see accurate RA/TA numbers (see second image below).
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