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How can I find my PTAs or PAs?

If you are looking for a specific PAs or PTAs in an entry panel, check to see if the PA/PTA shows up in the Organization page edge filter.  If it does, then set the filter to that PA/PTA and click “Apply”.  The grid should be filtered to display that PA /PTA.  If no data is displayed, then the rows are likely being suppressed because there is no current data or history on the PA/PTA.  This is typical for new PA/PTAs.

To unhide the empty grid rows, click the  “Gear” icon in the lower left gray area of the panel.  This will open the “Customize View” screen.  Set the “Hide Empty Grid Rows” option to “Off” and close the “Customize View” screen.  The missing PTA/PA rows should now be displayed.

If the PA/PTA is not searchable/filterable in the Organization filter page edge, check to make sure the slice and organization filter are set to an org to which the PTA TOO or PA AOO belongs and unhide empty grid rows.  Also check that the other page edge filters such as “Award Type” are not set to filter it out.

If the above remedies do not help contact the UBO for assistance.  If the PTA is recently setup in Oracle it should load to Tidemark by the next day.