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How do Expenditure Types and Object Codes Roll up?

Tidemark uses a single hierarchy for expenditure types and object codes, referred to simply as the object code hierarchy. This hierarchy includes all expenditure and object codes from Oracle, as well as “B” codes used specifically for budgeting. “B” codes are setup as parent codes with groups of oracle codes for a category rolling up to each “B” code.  This allows actuals to be “pooled” to the “B” code level and used for seeding budgets at that level.

The Tidemark hierarchy has many levels of aggregation, which roll up to categories meaningful for budget review.

To see the full hierarchy, go to the 03.Reporting process, and open 201. Con Bud report.

There is a filter to change your object code view from Summary to Detail or All.

The Object Code Hierarchy is also available in excel format: