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What is a Transfer Source and Destination?

The Transfer “Source” is the PA that is providing funding (where the funds come from). The Transfer “Destination” is the PTA receiving funding (where the funds go to).

In the 02.Booked Budget: Setup and Fund Management process, on the Funding the Budget Matrix panel, the sources are listed as rows while the destinations are columns.

Transfers can be entered into your booked budget 3 different ways:

  1. Funding the Budget Matrix panel: This panel allows you to enter intra-unit transfers, or transfers where you control both the source and destination. The most common example of this is transferring Designated and restricted funds to cover expenses on Operating Budgets.
  2. External Transfers panel: This panel allows you to enter inter-unit transfers, or transfers where you control either the source or destination but not both. Label the side you do not own as ‘External’ to say that it is not a PA/PTA that you own.
  3. TAS – Transfer Administration System: This system allows the creation to 2 sided transfers for both budgeting and future creation in Oracle. Both sides must approve TAS transfers. They are loaded to Tidemark towards the beginning of the booked budget process, and can be adjusted in Tidemark using the External Transfers panel if needed.