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Where do I make my 2% recovery on ISC charges?

If you have some awards that incur ISC charges at 6% instead of 8%, then you can enter your 2% recovery adjusments manually.  Which panel and code you make the ISC adjustment on depends on what type of ISC charge you are recovering against.  They are all done in the ISC Adjustment panels within the process.


Type Panel Name Charge Code Recovery Code
Revenue ISC Revenue Adjustment 48990 48904
Transfer ISC Transfer Adjustment 49710 49715
Expenses ISC Expense Adjustment 58915 48902


Note:  Indirect Cost Recovery (IDC) adjustments to Federal and Non-Federal G&C are made in the Booked Budget: Expense and Revenue Process.  

•Open the appropriate Non-Salary Expense panel (YER or BB Annual or Monthly)
•Filter Page Edge CB Award Type: Federal or Non-Federal G&C
•Filter Page Edge Object Code to 56900
•May need to Unhide Empty Grid Rows using settings icon on left sidebar
•Enter + or – IDC Adjustment on code 5690B and click SAVE.