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Why do my salaries looking so low in reports?

Budgeting Salaries using Position Based Budgeting has two components: budgeting the annual salary for all positions and budgeting the labor distribution PTA allocation for all positions.  If either one of these components is missing it will cause salary expenses to be understated.

Also, when positions are budgeted to PTAs where the position owning org (POO) is different from the PTA Task Owning Org (TOO), those need to be approved via the “Approve Labor Distribution Charges from Other Orgs” panel in the 01. Booked Budget: Expense and Revenue process.  This approval is required even when both the POO and TOO roll up to your own authority.  This step is often overlooked and causes salary expense to be understated.

Any line item that requires approval, will need to be re-approved after any change in Salary or LD.  In this case, return to the "Approve Labor Distribution" panel and re-approve.

After the re-approval is done, check the 601 or 603 reports to see that the salary expense has been fully calculated.