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Why does it look like historical numbers are off on the 231 “Five Year History, with Variances” report?

This report, and a few others, use YTD (year-to-date) time members for selection, where a selection represents the time period starting at the beginning of the financial year (Sep) through the month designated.   So, “2019 May YTD” represents the period spanning Sep 2018 through May 2019.

YTD reports will generally open initially at the YTD month with the most recent actuals.  In the case of the 231 report, which also includes five years of actuals, each of those years will also reflect the same YTD month for that year; the default YTD month will result in “missing” history as a result.

To overcome this and see all of history, change the time page edge to the entire year, e.g. “FY 2019”, and the prior years of history will each show the entire year.