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Why don’t I see my new Endowed Awards in the Endowment Planning application?

The Tidemark Endowment Planning application only includes awards that own shares in the university’s Merged Pool and endowed Pool PTAs.  Furthermore, the Endowment Planning application is only updated monthly, on or about the 15th, with data from the prior month.  As a result, there may be a delay in seeing very new endowed awards that have been set up in Oracle, either because they do not yet own Merged Pool shares or because the monthly Tidemark update has not yet happened.  

Users can confirm whether their award has Merged Pool shares by using the OBI Revenue and Fund Management Reporting dashboard.  On the Home tab, choose Endowment and Donor and run the report for your award and fiscal-year-to date equal to the current month.  The Historical View of Investment Activities section shows if/when shares have been added to the award.  If shares were added more than one month prior to the award, please contact the UBO to troubleshoot why the award is not appearing in Tidemark.