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Why isn’t the Dropzone tool working well for me and why are the Dropzone links removed from many reports?

The Dropzone tool is a utility which was created by UBO in 2017 to mitigate some of Tidemark’s shortcomings in exported grids, especially the loss of indentation and number formatting.  Since then, Tidemark has made enhancements to exported grids by offering the “Export with Formats” option, which preserves most formatting.   As a result, the tool is no longer necessary except for certain reports such as the Appendix A report in the Budget Plan process.   Also, because of the recent redesign of many reports, especially in the “03. Reporting” process, the Dropzone tool is no longer compatible.   

Printing functionality in Tidemark has also improved.  Whenever possible, you should simply rely on using the “Export with Formats” option. You’ll get the best printing results if you choose Landscape, Fit to Width, Legal, and Repeat Row and Column Headers.