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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find year-end variance reports?

Tidemark Variance reports are included in Tidemark 03. Reporting process. There are five reports we suggest to analyze year-end variances and a few additional reports useful for longer trends and detailed analysis, see Variance Reporting Job Aid. Full descriptions of the reports can be found in the Variance Reporting Guide.
•204 – Variance by Object Code
•205 – Variance by Award Type and Object Code

Why does it look like historical numbers are off on the 231 “Five Year History, with Variances” report?

This report, and a few others, use YTD (year-to-date) time members for selection, where a selection represents the time period starting at the beginning of the financial year (Sep) through the month designated.   So, “2019 May YTD” represents the period spanning Sep 2018 through May 2019.

Why isn’t the Dropzone tool working well for me and why are the Dropzone links removed from many reports?

The Dropzone tool is a utility which was created by UBO in 2017 to mitigate some of Tidemark’s shortcomings in exported grids, especially the loss of indentation and number formatting.  Since then, Tidemark has made enhancements to exported grids by offering the “Export with Formats” option, which preserves most formatting.   As a result, the tool is no longer necessary except for certain reports such as the Appendix A report in the Budget Plan process.   Also, because of the recent redesign of many reports, especially in the “03.

What is a Transfer Source and Destination?

The Transfer “Source” is the PA that is providing funding (where the funds come from). The Transfer “Destination” is the PTA receiving funding (where the funds go to).

In the 02.Booked Budget: Setup and Fund Management process, on the Funding the Budget Matrix panel, the sources are listed as rows while the destinations are columns.

Transfers can be entered into your booked budget 3 different ways:

Can I upload my budget to Tidemark?

It is possible for the UBO to upload your data to Tidemark.  The upload process is managed via the budget officer so that uploads can be consolidated in the templates for a more efficient process.  Please contact your budget officer to find out if they are allowing your school or department to submit upload files.  If so, read this article (insert link to KA) for detailed instructions on how to format and validate your data prior to upload submission.

Can I undo a seeding action?

There is no way to undo a seeding action to revert back to a prior saved version of your budget. However, if you run another seeding action, it will first clear the results of any prior seeding action, then it will populate based on the criteria of the action selected. There is also an action available on most panels to clear seeding. Be careful when using these actions because they will run based on the current slice and page edges so you may either be seeding or clearing for a larger or smaller population than was intended.

How do itemizations work?

Certain panels allow for itemized entries, often using a unit x rate calculation to provide supporting detail. An example is the monthly adjustment panel. In this panel you can select the itemization icon to open the itemization entry panel at the bottom half of the panel. Multiple rows can be entered using itemizations. The total amount for each PTA/PA and object code will be added to the above grid. Notes/explanations entered in itemizations will be retained for future review in the itemization panel only.


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