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Who We Are

Tim Warner

Vice Provost  for Budget and Auxiliaries Management

Email | 650.723.4567


Dana O'Neill

Executive Assistant and Office Manager 

Email | 650.723.4567

Budget Planning and Policy Group


Dana Shelley

Director of Budget Planning and Policy Analysis

Email | 650.725.1256


Jacy Crapps

Budget Analyst

Email | 650.498.9890

Davis Reek

Budget Analyst

Email | 650.723.0976

Budget Management and Systems Group


Neil Hamilton

Director of Budget Management

Email | 650.725.9742

Kayte Bishop

Lead Business Analyst

Email | 650.725.4634

Mark Rickey

Business Analyst

Email | 650.725.1220

Mike Ling

Business Analyst

Email | 650.725.0962

Kulneet Homidi

Business Analyst

Email | 650.725.0666